About Mathlover

Mathlover is a website which will help the learners to love math the way math experts love it. Mathlover loves math because of the beauty math contains. As long as you know how to do add, subtract, multiply, and divide, you will own math like anyone else.

This website will teach you about math in its simplest form as possible. Topics are presented uniquely which will help you to focus on it and not wander anywhere. Pictures are added for the learners not to be bored and for better visualization. All the topics are explained in layman’s term for you to able to digest the concept.

When I Started to Love Math?

When I was in elementary school, I didn’t have any favorite subject in school. I didn’t have also this feeling of love for math.

All I know is that I should excel in all subjects in school. As an honor student, I should be versatile.

However, I really love solving puzzles. Any kind of puzzles.

One time, I was playing hide-and-seek with my friends. For my friends not to able to find me easily, I hid in an abandoned house nearby. As I covered myself to an old room, I found some books in there. One of them is about Algebra. As an elementary student, I didn’t have any knowledge about Algebra. As I browsed over the pages, I can easily tell that it is going to be all about Math.

I had brought that Algebra book to our house and started to read it. I was wondering why there are some letters in it. If it is math, then it should be about numbers only. I thought it was a puzzle. I considered all the problems there as puzzles. I learned to solve the Algebra problems alone and I enjoyed it so much. In my mind, it was like “I have a puzzle book!”.

When I reached high school, I realized that it was really about math. I really loved it because I can understand every single word my teacher was uttering as I had studied it already in advance. And also, I had this chance to ask my teacher whichever was not clear to me when I was studying alone. I had a feeling of satisfaction.

At that time, I started to love math.

Why I Wanted People to Love Math

Math is not that hard subject as you think. It requires less memorization. I think with proper teaching technique, you will love it.

Whether you like it or not, you need to learn the basic of math in school. If you think, you’ve survived elementary and high school math, then you’re wrong. Even you will not pursue engineering courses, you are still not invulnerable against Math 1.

If you are dreaming to be an engineer or any profession which deals extremely with math, however you think that you are slow in math, it is not a hindrance to achieve your dream. By proper teaching technique, you will learn math like any other pro.

And also someday, you will become a parent. Your children will probably ask you about math and it is your responsibility to help them.

In this website, I want to share what I know. I want people to see math the way I see it. If you are really interested to learn, no one can stop you to own it.

Our Goal

I will be posting tutorials about particular math topics and explain it in layman’s term. I will be explaining every problem and teach you how to deal with it easily.

My goal is to help you digest every single concept and own it. I will be presenting all math concept as simple as possible.

My request for you only is to have fun.

Meanwhile, you can also request any related math tutorial by posting it in a comment section.

All the best,

The Author